Andrew Armstrong Founder

Andrew Armstrong


Since partnership with his highly skilled working assistance dog, Smitty, Andrew experienced a total life change- one he considers to be life saving. Smitty knows over 100 commands. To name a few, Smitty helps carry items around, retrieve and pick up items, brace and tug to help Andrew stand, open and close doors, turn on and off lights, and can even read. Receiving Smitty was such a profound moment in his life that from that day on, Andrew aspired to help other individuals with disabilities gain independence like he did. Over many years, Andrew and Smitty have volunteered countless hours which later lead to Andrew founding National Assistance Dogs to make a bigger impact to our nation, with a focus on returning members of our Armed Forces.

Christina Cha

Christina Cha, M.F.A.

-Communications Director

Christina Cha is an award winning film producer for BALLOON and media technical consultant for various companies such as Disney, NBC Universal, FOX, CBS/Viacom, Lionsgate, SONY, Technicolor, and Amazon. Her passion has always been in storytelling and giving back to society that will make a positive impact in the local communities. She is a huge advocate for the environment, animal protection, youth protection, mental health, and wellness health; by creating awareness through media platforms to educate society. She is a graduate at AFI Conservatory with M.F.A. in Producing and has B.A. in Mass Communication from CSU of Fullerton. 


-Facility Caretaker


-Facility Caretaker