Social Style Profile

Social Style Profie (dog)

Instructions: Below is a list of words or phrases commonly used in describing dogs. For each word or phrase, please completely fill in the one space that best describes your impression of this dog's behavior as compared to that of others. Please answer every question as honestly as you can. This helps us match the correct dog with the client. This is confidential and will NOT be shared with anyone except our staff.
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    is sociable
    desires to control
    is trustworthy
    is flexible
    needs to compete
    is willing to negotiate
    is willing to relate
    is fair
    shares feelings
    has a sense of what is just
    is warm
    s a risk-taker
    is open-minded
    is aggressive
    is quiet
    is reliable
    is willing to change
    is dynamic
    is open
    is dependable
    is versatile
    is approachable
    takes charge
    is adaptable
    is loyal
    is assertive
    is tough-minded
    is people-oriented
    is able to cope with situations
    makes people feel comfortable